​Academic Projects

Elementary and Secondary Schools, College and University Facilities and Dormitories

Temple Morgan Hall

Philadelphia, PA

Constructing a well built, highrise dormitory and student center with a high performance envelope system is an achievable goal, but when the curtainwall contractor defaulted mid-production, the entire project was threatened. Without the glass and metal cladding, construction deadlines were missed and the project budget was in danger. 

To keep the project steady, significant coordination was necessary with the bonding company, new contractors and other parties who had to work out problems, meet schedules, and verify performance.

Rutgers Camden

Camden, NJ

The beautiful exterior of the new academic facility for the Rutgers School of Nursing is an open rainscreen system that covers a continuous insulation cavity. The metal panels, terra-cotta, and fiber cement coordinate to protect the vital building insulate behind them.

During development, creative flashing details were needed to frame the windows so that sufficient drainage could be achieved from the system.

LaSalle Business School

Philadelphia, PA

The skewed glass curtainwall at the entrance makes this building hard to miss on LaSalle University’s campus. Details like exterior sunshades and brick cladding that extends through the curtainwall into the building caused sealant issues that needed to be addressed.

In order to maintain the integrity of the curtainwall, removable fittings were manufactured that protrude from the glass to support the sunshades. To seal the entire system to the brick facade, the curtainwall jamb mullions were sealed to the building moisture barrier before installing the interior and exterior brick.

Drexel Millennium Hall

Philadelphia, PA

This highrise student dormitory is a distinct part of the University City skyline. Whenever a design requires exterior curves, the complexity of the curtainwall increases. In this case the entire envelope design is skewed to follow the twist in the frame construction.

Creating a reliable curtainwall system meant developing curved metal studs, and specialized support framing for the panelized cladding.