Who We Are

We are trusted advisors embracing integrity and honesty while holding paramount the safety and welfare of the public. We are evolving with technology to meet the growing demand for efficient and sustainable building facades and enclosures.

Our Mission

We exist to help clients achieve performance, aesthetics and value in the facades and enclosures that reflect their vision.

Our People

We are a dynamic, multi-generational building envelope consultancy founded in 1992. We provide comprehensive technical design and peer review services specific to the design and performance of the building envelope. We take an integrated approach to designing facade, glazing, roofing and waterproofing systems to seal the entire envelope.

Our culture is built around service. We enjoy solving problems, sharing technical knowledge, and bringing order to the process of enclosure design and construction. That enthusiasm focuses our perspective on helping our clients, not just finding faults in the project. We work intentionally so that our legacy is the success of our clients, the growth of our industry, and the betterment of our communities. We are an advocate for quality in an environment where rapid change, compressed schedules, and strict budgets are the norm.

Robert Edwards, PE, CCS, CCCA


Jonathan Morris, EIT

Technical Project Manager

Mark Edwards, PE

Senior Consultant

Justin Kemmerer

Field Services Manager

Thomas (Thos.) Edwards, MBA, CAPM

Project Manager

Our consultants place a strong emphasis on thoroughness, honesty, and character. We use our problem solving and interpersonal skills to foster project success. We provide a level of professionalism, knowledge, and integrity that developers, architects, and designers have come to rely on.

Interested in joining our team? Email us at info@edwardsbec.com 

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